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Beat Bearing Sequencer

Posted by squirreling on January 16, 2008

BeatBearing project, plays kick, snare, hi-hat, and cowbell according to which hole the ball bearing is in.  Just a really cool project.  🙂



5 Responses to “Beat Bearing Sequencer”

  1. alex norris said

    where can i get one of these things thats sweat. Is it custom made or mass produced??? If u know of a place i can get one please tell me.

  2. Matthew Wing said

    I would also like to purchase one. Any chance someone can get a hold of this dude/chic and find out what the price is; for sure there’s a price.

  3. that is so cool! how do i get more info on how & where to purchase this i think this is an incredible peice.


  4. howclockswork said

    It’s really neat, isn’t it! Not a professional music tool, but certainly a desk toy! There’s a video on YouTube of it in action. I’ve got it embedded on my blog if you want to see.

  5. n-brock said

    Just search ‘beatbearing’, there is an article on how to make one yourself in Make Magazine. (makezine.com).

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