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Posted by squirreling on February 8, 2008

So Paulo Coelho made it onto the NY Times bestseller list by pirating his books.  I’ve only read the first few, but The Alchemist seems like it would be a good read. (I don’t remember exactly, but I may have read this book already a long long time ago).

Which brings me to electronic readers. Most visible is probably the Amazon Kindle and Sony’s Reader. While I’ve never been a fan of reading from a screen, these eink devices are supposedly a lot easier on the eyes. I’d like to try one out, just to see how much I would miss a few hundred pages of paper. I have my eye on the iRex iLiad or the Han Lin eBook v9, which both sport larger screens than the 6″ Kindle or Sony screen. Here’s a spec matrix of current readers, thanks to the MobileRead forum.


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