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Creating a bootable USB from an iso

Posted by squirreling on June 7, 2008

From Damn Small Linux
Convert .iso to USB installation

With the guide from [1] you can install the .iso contents non-destructively onto a USB partition. Leave out all the partitioning or formating stuff to prepare an existing and used USB drive for DSL booting:

Note: All path names are examples! Please adapt or you may corrupt existing partitions or files.

  1. Mount USB drive, with e.g. mount /dev/sdx1 /flash – can be either FAT16 or FAT32!
  2. Mount ISO image, with e.g. mount /tmp/dsl-3.2.iso /tmp/iso -o loop
  3. Copy all contents from ISO to USB drive: cp -vr /tmp/iso/* /flash/
  4. Rename and move syslinux files to root directory: mv /flash/boot/isolinux/* /flash/
  5. Rename isolinux.cfg: mv /flash/isolinux.cfg /flash/syslinux.cfg
  6. Unmount USB drive: umount /flash
  7. Install syslinux: syslinux /dev/sdx1 and eventually set the MBR boot flag for this partition (with fdisk).

One Response to “Creating a bootable USB from an iso”

  1. Booting Puppy from a USB drive…

    I had a problem with formatting a hard drive properly within the KDE environment I am using. These new modern graphical environments do so much for you that I think that was the problem. I mean they automount external media and also recognize unmounted…

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